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BE-3000 Leuven


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About us

De Wingerd is a psycho-geriatric servicecenter and residential home near the center of Leuven. The complex was designed and built based on small-scale and normalized living, implementing healthcare automatisation and new techologies. We currently accomodate 137 residents, our 'day care center' welcomes about 20 visitors a day.

Life is situated in cosy and comfortable housing, furnished as a real family home with a dining corner and kitchen, a view on to and access to the gardens. The complex offers 8 small-scale houses, fitted for 8 residents each; 3 clustered houses, fitted for 7 + 8 residents that require conitneous and more intensive medical care. De Wingerd also offers accomodation to 9 couples, living in a care-flat.

De Wingerd specializes in care for people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of Dementia. Our residents find themselves surrounded by family, friends, volunteers and professional staff. We are continuously looking to create a warm environment, to establish excellence and quality in the lives of our residents.

For each resident, efforts are made to continue past routines: people familiar with domestic tasks are invited to pick up these routines here. Our residents conditions and their advanced age may mean they can only cope with few of these activities. Nevertheless, as long as some of these are feasible we enacourage people to participate.

Advanced Care Planning is a common practice and admission to a hospital is avoided, treatment is always tailored to the individual needs. The sickness progress is irreversible, but the emphasis remains on 'quality of life'; to the last day. Mortality rates are near to 100 %. Our goals are to take care of and insure decent human life, supplying a constant and well-coordinated medical and nursing attention.

De Wingerd also hosts MEMO, the Expertise Centre on Dementia.

If you care to exchange thoughts, share experiences or expertise, feel free to contact us at: